How to Organize Your Shoes the Right Way

How to organize shoes


Sandra Semburg

If you’re the type of woman who would fall into a sea of shoes headfirst, then more likely than not, you’ve got a collection full of boots, sneakers, sandals, and more. However, knowing how to organize your shoes will keep that closet of yours easy to navigate—especially when you’re in a pinch for time on deciding what shoes to wear, and who wouldn’t want that?

You might already have a system to organize your shoes, but is it the most effective? And when the weather calls for wearing sandals and wedges, where do you put the fall and winter boots for the season?

We love a well-organized closet as much as we love the clothes that go in one, so we asked Anna Bauer, Thumbtack professional organizer, for her best tips on how to organize your shoes in the best way possible. Check out her tips now and then put them into practice with our favorite shoes on the market.

Move Your Shoes Seasonally

“It wouldn’t make sense to have your boots front and center during summer. Make sure to move out winter shoes for summer, so you always have what you need in sight,” Bauer says.

Let Go of Shoes You Don't Wear

The organizing expert recommends being realistic about where you are in your life with what you enjoy wearing instead of hanging on to shoes because they represent a past stage of life.

Use Clear Bins for Storage

If you’re only wearing certain shoes for special occasions or seasonally, use clear bins for the ones you aren’t using. Bauer says, “They stack, so you can see what you have, and they keep shoes in good condition.”

Place Shoes in Opposite Directions

Bauer explains that this helps you save space and can help you identify the pair you’re looking for with ease. Who wouldn’t want that?

Keep Your Boots Upright

Keep your boots upright by rolling an old magazine into the boot. "If you have the extra hanging space, you can use boot hangers to hang them in your closet," she says. "Ensuring they stay upright means they maintain their shape and quality longer and you have more room for other shoes."

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Once you've organized your closet and have made room for more, these shoes will make great additions to the collection.