How to Make Your Legs Look Better in Photos

When it comes to capturing covetable content and perfectly posed photos, the crew behind every #RevolveAroundtheWorld trip has it down. They've nailed how to pose, take, and post the ultimate 'gram. Earlier this year, we tapped the team to share how to best pose in a bikini, and I also shared some tips I learned while I was on my first Revolve trip in Turks and Caicos. Today, we're at it again, spilling more secrets on how to pose like a pro and focusing on tips to make your legs look longer in photos.

To guide you through your next photo session, Revolve's talent relations manager, Alyssa Rara, has a few tricks for you: "For the illusion of longer legs, I try and lean back a bit and stick out my legs as opposed to just standing straight. Cross them, and drop a hip. I also really like photos sitting down when legs and shoes are the focal point. They're a good alternative to just the boring, straight-on standing photo," she shared with us.

For all things behind the camera, the team's junior content producer, Kevin Ipalari, dropped some knowledge on us, explaining, "If you're using a DSLR, wide-angle lenses are magic. I love the 24–70mm because it's a nice versatile lens. At its widest at 24mm, you get some nice length on the legs when shot a little lower and closer to the subject/model. … When photographing with an iPhone, the ground is your friend. Get low, and get that length where real-life didn't give it to you. Move around, and keep snapping until you look like you're six feet tall. Happy shooting," he shared, along with the below photo for inspiration. Be sure to keep Rara and Ipalari's tips in mind the next time you're off to snap some photos, and in the meantime, keep scrolling for some major IG inspiration.

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