Rebrand Your Instagram Profile With This Cool Inspiration

It’s embarrassing to admit, but Instagram brings out a nitpicky perfectionism in me that feels misaligned from my typically laid-back nature. If my grid feels off in terms of color or composition, it nags away at me until I eventually just delete the bad apple in the bunch. Though I wouldn’t encourage this type of impulsive behavior in others (hold onto those memories!), I suspect that many in the fashion industry can, in some way, relate. After all, if you’re a brand, blogger, or something cut from a similar cloth, social media plays a substantial role in how you present yourself to the “world.” It’s a visual representation of what you think is cool and how you want to be viewed.

So this got me thinking: What better way to give that old Instagram feed a boost than by turning to places I think are cool for inspiration? But instead of just replicating ideas from existing accounts, I consulted a handful of brands’ blogs and journals for ideas. What I found was a treasure trove of cool camera angles, flat-lay ideas, and even a sexy pose here or there (why not, right?).

See below for what I found, but because we’re all different here, don’t forget to share your Instagram account with me in the comments so I can have a look.