Rebrand Your Instagram Profile With This Cool Inspiration

It’s embarrassing to admit, but Instagram brings out a nitpicky perfectionism in me that feels misaligned from my typically laid-back nature. If my grid feels off in terms of color or composition, it nags away at me until I eventually just delete the bad apple in the bunch. Though I wouldn’t encourage this type of impulsive behavior in others (hold onto those memories!), I suspect that many in the fashion industry can, in some way, relate. After all, if you’re a brand, blogger, or something cut from a similar cloth, social media plays a substantial role in how you present yourself to the “world.” It’s a visual representation of what you think is cool and how you want to be viewed.

So this got me thinking: What better way to give that old Instagram feed a boost than by turning to places I think are cool for inspiration? But instead of just replicating ideas from existing accounts, I consulted a handful of brands’ blogs and journals for ideas. What I found was a treasure trove of cool camera angles, flat-lay ideas, and even a sexy pose here or there (why not, right?).

See below for what I found, but because we’re all different here, don’t forget to share your Instagram account with me in the comments so I can have a look.

The Artsy Location Instagram



Whether you’re like me and live in a metropolitan city or you reside somewhere a bit more rural, there are inspiring locations to behold just about everywhere. Take a photo anytime you see something you like, and hold onto it for a rainy day.

The Interesting Lighting Instagram


J. Hannah

Everything looks better at golden hour—even a sliver of your hands and feet.

The Ordinary-Things Instagram


La Garconne

Sometimes it’s all about staging your favorite things in cool ways. Glossier has practically built its social media presence around the idea!

The Civilian-Backdrop Instagram


Los Feliz

You don’t need to frolic around a field to get a cool shot. Sometimes the most civilian backdrops feel the coolest.

The Accessory Instagram


Lisa Says Gah

People love a good accessory shot, so think of fresh ways to show off your latest finds.

The Cool Crop Instagram


Uber Den Wolken

Even if you’re standing next to a set of plastic chairs, if you’ve got a cute outfit and an interesting crop going on, it’s Instagram magic.

The Non-Selfie Selfie Instagram


Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Selfies can sometimes feel a little self-indulgent. Try a less studied version by letting the wind catch hold of your locks.

The Badass Instagram



Show off your super-rad interests whenever possible—it’s what makes you you.

The Dangling-Shoe Instagram


Na Nin

Consider this the cooler version of holding an ice cream cone in front of a brick wall.

The "I'm Traveling" Instagram


Need Supply Co.

Your Instagram feed is like a scrapbook, so why not document your travels along the way?

The Depth-of-Field Instagram



iPhone cameras are super high-tech these days; get creative with the foreground for more dynamic dimensions.

The Rooftop Instagram


Petra Von Kant

You can't take a bad shot on a roof, it's just the way it is.

The Home-Goods Instagram


Steven Alan

No, you don’t need to Instagram your sausage ragù, but there are still ways to showcase a beautiful piece of fruit or an interesting plate without feeling passé. Same goes for the plants that you’re totally not going to kill this time around.

The Behind-the-Scenes Instagram


The Dreslyn

Are you an artist? A jewelry designer? Photographer? Whatever it is that you do, why not give your viewers a sneak peek at what it’s like to do your job for a day? It’s humanizing!

The Beautiful Textures Instagram


The Line

This world comprises some pretty stellar textures, so skip the shyness and take a photo of anything that strikes your fancy. They make for good iPhone backgrounds, too.

The Shadows Instagram



Similar to the interesting-lighting Instagram, playing with shadows can really up the ante.

The Good Outfit Instagram


Mixed Business

Like what you’re wearing? Share it on Instagram!

Share your Instagram account with me in the comments, and then shop these iPhone cases to make the experience stylish through and through.

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