How to Make a Beach Cover-Up in 6 Easy Steps


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With all the attention focused on finding the perfect bathing suit, it's easy to forget about another beach-day necessity: the cover-up. The beach outerwear piece may actually be one of the easiest items in your closet to procure. And we're here to show you exactly how to make a beach cover-up yourself.

A breezy dress, fabric shorts, or an oversize tee can all double as a cover-up at the beach. Or, if you're more of a DIY-leaning fashion lover, a few small alterations can go a long way in creating a one-of-a-kind piece. From simple, no-sew projects to alterations fit for the more experienced needleworker, you can make a cover-up with surprising ease at every level. If you're not quite up to getting crafty, keep scrolling to shop a few of our favorite (ready-made) beach cover-ups.

Read on to explore three different ways to make your own beach cover-up at every level of sewing experience, all from some of Pinterest's most popular pins.

The No-Sew Cover-Up

Not ready to bust out the sewing kit? This hack for making the perfect beach cover-up is for you—all you need is a scarf. Jean from Extra Petite found a simple solution to the lack of cover-ups available for petite girls. Using a scarf, she simply crisscrosses two ends of a scarf across her abdomen, securing it with a simple knot around her neck and pairing it with cutoffs. That's one way to put a scarf to good use during the summer.

The Light DIY

If you know some sewing basics, this DIY beach cover-up may be more your speed. A kit will come in handy here for adding straps to a yard of fabric of your choosing. Lace trim or ribbon goes a long way, along with fabric scissors and either a sewing kit or good old-fashioned needle and thread to whip this piece together. Visit Brit+Co for a step-by-step tutorial on making this beach cover-up for yourself.

The Expert Sewing Project

This adorable DIY cover-up for the craftier among us is courtesy of Merrick's Art. If you have experience sewing, give this tutorial a try—it's ready in only six steps and proves that making your own beach cover-up from scratch is easier than you think (pom-pom trim optional but highly encouraged).

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