Every Time I Wear This $8 Item, People Say I Look 10 Years Younger

Full disclosure: By no means did I purchase or do I wear this item with the intention of looking younger; it’s simply an observation I’ve noticed, so I figured I’d share. As I pointed out a couple months ago, I purchased three under-$10 items from Amazon that I was surprisingly able to make look triple the price while I was traveling in Milan. One of the affordable finds was this $8 headband, which has become one of my go-to accessories since my trip. Turns outs, not only does the hair accessory hide not-so-fresh strands, but it apparently makes me look years younger than I am.

Every time I’ve worn the thick headband, I’ve received comments on how youthful and “fresh-faced” I look. I take a normal approach when it comes to anti-aging prevention, like making sure I wear my daily sunscreen and applying Byrdie-approved products to my face and neck, so if a simple accessory is also doing the trick, I’m not mad at it. If you’re looking for tips on how to look younger, I suggest trying the headband trick to see if it earns you the same reactions. See how I styled the $8 Amazon accessory below, and shop my looks while you’re scrolling.

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