5 Reasons You Might Not Look Put Together (and How to Fix Them)

It’s no secret that, when taken as a whole, the trends du jour—sneakers, slouchy trousers, oversize sweatshirts, athletic-inspired pieces—go for more of an “I’m too cool to care” vibe than “I’m polished and put together.” And yes, that’s part of why we love them. But, that being said, some might agree that there are specific places and times when these popular pieces just don’t cut it and the blasé vibe goes too far.

Why does this happen? And have you ever stressed over how to look put together without exerting too much extra energy? We have, and we came up with five things to avoid, as well as tried-and-true tactics for adjusting your look. The good news? It’s a relatively easy problem to remedy. Scroll down for five reasons you might not look put together, along with the pieces you can shop now to fix it.