The Fall Styling Routine That'll Get You From Day to Night

Layers are a major reason why fashion girls love fall. Not only will an extra sweater or scarf keep you cozy as the weather cools down, but the perfect layered combo offers a chance for you to flex your chameleon-like style skills as you switch from a polished 9-to-5 look to a more relaxed evening outfit just by crafting the perfect two-sitch outfit. The key is relying on layers that you can easily peel off to reveal the on-point after-hours ensemble. The finishing act of your sartorial transformation is at home with your nighttime routine that continues to shed the layers, by removing makeup, degunking your hair, and more. Ahead, we partnered with Unilever to show you the perfect 24-hour ensemble for de-layering. 

For the perfect work-to-happy-hour transformation, the idea is to have your look anchored by a chic central piece, like a dark floral maxi dress. Then, add a metallic tunic for that eye-catching finish. By layering two lightweight, comfortable pieces together, you can freely shed embellished extras like a scarf or a jacket for a sleeker, nighttime-appropriate finish. Tap or hover on the hotspots below to get the styling tips.

As far as fall accessories go, a scarf should top your shopping list. We like to wear it as a shawl or wrapped around the neck.
The army jacket is a no-brainer for fall—it goes with everything, and acts as the perfect transitional piece. Bonus: Its devil-may-care cool vibes work for your office and happy hour.

Prepping your skin is just as crucial to keeping that effortless appearance throughout the day as assembling the perfect layered outfit. Tap or hover on the hotspots below to get the skincare routine you need to go from day to night and back again, so that your beauty look is just as flawless as your fashion game.

Combat dry skin brought on by cooler weather, and the static cling it brings, by moisturizing after your shower. Vaseline Intensive Care Advance Repair formula is infused with micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly— plus, it comes in a light, convenient spray that absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft and never sticky.
When it comes to cleansing your skin, the name of the game is moisture. Instead of your harsh makeup remover, opt for a cold cream during the cooler months. The beeswax and mineral oil in Pond’s Cold Cream will leave skin feeling clean and moisturized without stripping your skin of its much-needed oils.
Your hair needs to unwind, too. Layer on a nourishing hair mask before you go to bed to relax tired tresses. Tresemmé’'s Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydration Mask is infused with coconut milk and aloe vera—free of parabens, dyes, and silicones. Smooth it over wet hair, answer a few emails while you wait, and then rinse it out.

Want to try this wind-down routine? Get everything you need below.

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