This $0 Style Hack Will Take a Dress from Summer to Winter

It's a given that buying a brand-new outfit (especially for a special date night, or dinner event) is truly rewarding and satisfying. But another gratifying moment is pulling out a piece that you haven't worn in a while and wearing it in a completely new way. Those moments happen very occasionally, and I'll be the first to admit that I get too busy to think about my existing wardrobe in different and exciting ways. But this street style image of Nadia Fairfax at Fashion Week Australia has inspired me to think of a style hack that can transform summer dresses into a winter statement. All it takes it layering a shirt underneath—simple. Just make sure the shirt or blouse is made of a light material and isn't oversized (bulkiness will just look awkward). Mix prints for a unique approach and to really make it your own. Then add some heeled boots and you've got yourself an instant (practically brand-new) no-fuss outfit. 

Click through to shop shirts that will look great layered.

Leave the appeal and statement to the elongated cuffs of this shirt.

Wear this fitted long-sleeved top to wear under your tighter dresses.

Opt for a sheer white if you want your dress to do all the talking. 

Match this pyjama blouse with a spaghetti-strap LBD.

Mix and match a print dress with this floral top. 

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