How to Actually Keep Your White Tee Clean

We’re never ones to shy away from an at-home remedy or simple fashion hack, which is why when The Huffington Post Australia trialled a handful of different methods to get your white T-shirt back to its natural state, we were immediately hooked on finding out the results.

Fast-forward a few weeks of testing it our ourselves, and we can happily agree that combining baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, then mixing into a paste and painting onto the stain before throwing in the wash, will easily show off an Instagram-worthy before-and-after shot.

Keep scrolling to see one of our favourite fashion bloggers dress down a leather skirt with a classic white T-shirt and sneakers, and then shop our favourite tees.


Do you have any at-home remedies for fashion dilemmas? Let us know in the comments below and then head over to The Huffington Post Australia to watch the tutorial video!