It's Possible: Keep Your White Shirts Stain-Free With These 5 Tips

There's no better feeling than wearing a white shirt and at the end of the day and coming back home with zero stains. However, accidents do happen. Whether you spilled a bit of your morning coffee on yourself, ice cream melted on your pants (guilty as charged), or the grime of the city snuck up on you, these little (but annoying) things happen more often than we would like to admit.

Don't fret though, as keeping your white shirts stain-free is possible. No, we're not lying. Besides being careful when it comes to where you wear your favorite white shirts and being hyper-aware of your surroundings, we're sharing five tips that will not only show you how to clean white shirts and bid those stains adieu, but they will also keep your white shirts looking fresh and bright for the long run.

Separate Your Colors 

The first rookie mistake is not separating your clothes by color when you're going to wash them. By color-coordinating your loads, you avoid color transfers and the like.

Try Hydrogen Peroxide

Does your white shirt have a tricky stain? Try hydrogen peroxide. It's a great spot remover. Plus it's 100% natural.

Act Fast

Be sure to carry a Tide to Go stain remover with you at all times. By doing so, you'll be able to prevent stains right when they happen, and once you're able to throw it in the washer, it'll be sure to come out.

Read the Clothing Label 

We know sometimes deciphering clothing care labels can be a hassle, but it makes all the difference. When you wash and dry your white shirts with the proper laundry settings, they'll stay crisper and brighter for a longer.

Use Bleach as a Last Resort 

Sure, bleach is extremely useful in disinfecting and whitening clothing, but since it's so harsh, it can weaken the fibers of your shirts, causing tears that are even worse than stains.

See you never, stains!

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