How I Use My Phone to Help Me Get Dressed

I’m always reluctant to update my iPhone when the new software notification comes throughI tap ‘Remind Me Later’, hoping that my phone somehow forgets to do as it’s told. It’s not that I don’t love change, but more the fact that I can’t stand the thought of being unable to scroll Instagram or check Snapchat for 10 minutes while it updates. How sad.

I finally caved a few weeks ago and ran the update, and boy am I glad I did. It’s been life-changing (slash wardrobe-changing).

The one update that I find myself constantly using, actually helps me get dressed faster in the morning. It’s the new album folder that organises all the screenshots you’ve ever taken into one place. Right now, I have 33,284 images in my camera roll (that I’m yet to back up—oops!), so pre-update, whenever I wanted to reference an image, it would take me forever to find it. Now, I’m really selective about what I screen shot, and only press those two magic buttons when I find an outfit I really love. The ‘Screenshots’ folder is now my specially curated feed, with all my inspo shots in one spot—and the best part is, it takes absolutely no effort. (I should mention, I did use the heart button that curates your images into a special 'Favourites' folder, but that’s also filled with snaps of my loved ones and yummy meals I’ve eaten, so not quite right for sourcing outfit ideas).

So now, when I wake up in the morning and I’m lacking inspiration, I take a quick scroll through my folder until I find an outfit I want to recreate. Easy!

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Opening image: Style Du Monde

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