The 5 Items That Will Make Your Wardrobe 10x Better

It’s always interesting and refreshing to hear another stylish woman’s take on fashion—what are her secrets? How does she get dressed in the morning? Where does she seek inspiration? Australian stylist and co-founder of Matteau Swim, Ilona Hamer, is one of those women we’ve been quietly obsessed with for some time. Aside from her impressive career, her style is perfectly minimal, undone, and refined.

In an exclusive interview with The UNDONE, the New York-based stylist revealed her top-five wardrobe essentials, her three tips for getting dressed, and what she’d change about the fashion industry. Keep scrolling to read her tips (we’re taking them on board immediately) and then visit The UNDONE to read the whole interview.


Tom Newton for Into The Gloss

Pictured: Ilona Hamer for Into The Gloss

  1. Be comfortable. Don't wear anything that doesn't sit right and doesn't feel 'you'. 

  2. Choose quality over quantity. You need very little to look put together, but you do need the right pieces. 

  3. Don't feel like you have to reinvent the wheel. What you wear should be secondary to what you have to say, so find a style that suits you and go with it. Be comfortable and be YOU. The most talented stylists in the world are uniform dressers, they wear variations of the same thing every day. Those who spend too much time on themselves and what they are wearing don't tend to have the same skills in their work. A stylish person doesn't make a stylist, which I think is a big misconception these days. 

I would love it to slow down and for people to think about what they really need rather than wanting new, new, new all the time!

  1. Frame jeans

  2. Uniqlo Cashmere sweaters 

  3. Equipment shirts

  4. Matteau Swim

  5. K-Jacques St Tropez sandals or Saint Laurent boots—depending on the season!
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