How to Fix Squeaky Sandals for Good—5 Simple Tips

We've all experienced love at first sight when it comes to shoe shopping. You know the story well: We spot a pair of shoes—this time of year, usually sandals—and rapidly envision all the outfits that are going to be elevated once they're finally in our closets.

However, sometimes our love falls short the moment we actually take a few steps out in the real world and hear that they won't stop squeaking. And as much as we would like to dismiss the sounds, it proves impossible.

But what if we told you we've made it our goal to find a few tips that will teach you how to fix squeaky sandals (and your other squeaky footwear)? Thanks to the internet's best advice, we've rounded up five tips that'll leave the squeaking behind.

1. Sprinkle baby powder: We love PVC sandals as much as the next fashion-forward person, but sometimes squeaking shoes can be the result of trapped moisture. Simply shake a bit of baby powder on the inner sole, et voilà.

2. Spread petroleum jelly: To stop your foot from rubbing too much against your shoes, spread a tiny bit of petroleum jelly where the two meet—problem solved.

3. Rub with a dryer sheet: The solution to all your squeaky-shoe woes? Rub a dryer sheet on the bottom of your squeaking shoes to cut down the noise.

4. Give WD-40 a try: Grab a cotton ball, spray some WD-40, and apply it to the outside seams of your squeaking shoes. Be aware, though, that WD-40 is not suede-friendly.

5: Take it to an expert: If you don't have the patience to DIY a solution but the love for your sandals is too strong, take them to your nearest repair shop. A professional might fix a loose heel or share important knowledge that even the internet doesn't know about (yet).

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Now you can buy shoes without fearing unsolicited squeaks. Happy summering!