How to Fix the Zipper on Your Jeans In 5 Steps

There's nothing worse than a wardrobe malfunction. Especially one that prevents you from wearing your favorite staple because you can't seem to find the quickest and easiest way to fix it. Sound familiar? We've all been there. Mostly when it comes to the zipper of our jeans acting up.

There's a bit of a saving grace, however, and it's in the form of these five easy steps ahead on how to fix the zipper on a jean. Whether it's a minor set back like the zipper being stuck or that the zipper pull fell off, we've got you covered. No need to panic or replace your favorite pair of jeans—read on for the hacks that will save the day.

Now you can't leave behind those amazing vintage jeans behind if their zipper seems a bit off. Talk about a happy ending. 

Opening Image: @kellyaugustineb