How I Use Accessories to Help Define My Personal Style

How we'll remember summer 2018: Bold colour. Vintage denim. Tiny sunglasses. But while trends are fun, it's how you interpret them through the lens of your own personal style that really makes a look well, a look. Our fashion heroes are the women who aren't afraid to experiment, but do it all within the context of their individual aesthetic. We've partnered with Sunglass Hut to bring personal style back to the forefront this summer, with a series of personal essays from some of the coolest and most influential women in Australian fashion. Read along, and be inspired to celebrate your own distinctive brand of personal style—whatever that may be.

Amanda Stavropoulos was the founding Fashion Editor of Who What Wear Australia in 2015, and is now our Editorial Director. Here, she writes exclusively for Who What Wear Australia about how she found her signature style.

In all my years of working in fashion, I've never been able to pigeonhole my look as a certain "style". Being exposed to emerging trends on a daily basis, means my short attention span is always looking ahead. 

I can tell you about a few certain pieces I always have on rotation—like my Acne Studios Mock Leather Jacket ($2345) and the perfect pair of H&M jeans, but to me these are essentials, and don't mean all that much when we're talking about style.

Style is finding your signature 'vibe'. For some, it's easier than others. You might just be the girl who's always  walked to the beat of her own drum—vintage band tee's, and straight-leg jeans aren't 'trends' to you, that's just who you are

But for others, and me included, it's not so black-and-white. I'm still not sure I've found my personal style for good, but I've sure gotten closer to being able to define it, and it's through the use of some core accessories that help anchor my look every day. 

Over the last few years, I made a conscious decision to stop spending money on accessories I knew I was just buying because it satisfied an urge to dip into a certain 'trend'. Now, I make a conscious decision, and I only buy pieces that will enhance my personal style, and help define it.

For me, it starts with jewellery. About ten years ago I decided that I was a 'gold' girl, and since then, have only bought special gold pieces that I wear again and again. They've become a part of me—pieces I'll never part with, but say a lot about my classic style. I have a few core pieces —earrings, necklaces for layering, rings for stacking—that tell a story, and make me feel 'put together'. 

I use jewellery to anchor my outfits every day—I never get lazy, always mixing it up. And while my fine gold jewels act as a second skin, my sunglasses, the finishing touch to every outfit, act as my armor. They add a confidence to my style, that only comes with the addition of the right shades.

Finding your sunglasses is such an empowering feeling. I have a few different styles that I keep on hand, depending where I'm going, and what I'm wearing. I wear my Ray-Ban Square Frame Flat Lens' as my everyday go-to. They perfectly frame my face, and the fine gold rim works back with my jewellery.

When I want to make more of a statement, and I'm wearing a 'bold' look (think florals or bright colours), I'll choose something with a point of difference. These Miu Miu frames really hit the mark—they're classic with a twist—exactly how I'd define my style right now.

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