One Teaspoon's Founder on How to Find the Right Jeans

Finding the right pair of jeans can be one of the trickiest wardrobe holes to fill, but once you find the perfect pair, everything changes. At Who What Wear Australia, we have a roster of experts on hand to help you make smart shopping choices, and give you little tips to help along the way. Jamie Blakey, founder and creative director of One Teaspoon, has turned her label into an Australian icon. We go straight to One Teaspoon when it comes to denim, so it made sense to track down Jamie for her top tips on how to find the right pair of jeans.

Keep scrolling to find out what she had to say, and shop your next pair of jeans.

“When buying denim, a lot of people don’t know but body proportion is actually more important than your dress size. You need to know if you are long or short-waisted. For example if you are a short girl but longer in the torso, we would recommend going for a high-waisted style to elongate your legs. I recommend the One Teaspoon Scallywags ($140).”

“Always buy denim as it fits in the store. Don’t buy smaller. Yes, denim gets bigger when you wear it, but it comes straight back to the original size once you wash it and denim always looks better worn slouchier! Unless, you’re going for a super super skinny jean but even then still buy the size that fits in store so you’re comfortable and actually wear them!” 

“Find a style that is true to you. At One Teaspoon, we offer a huge selection of denim styles because unfortunately not everything suits everyone! Always try lots of fits on… most people think they only suit a certain cut but you’ll be surprised how many you suit once you actually try.”

“Flares have made a serious comeback over the last few seasons—they suit all body shapes, and even if you’re shorter than average, they still work! Just think about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen—they love a pair of flares. I prefer flares for summer so you can wear sandals with them. We've re-introduced the One Teaspoon Marine Flares ($140), they're a low-waist stretch super-flare, and are super flattering!”

“Finding the perfect pair of jeans is all about the comfort factor. If they aren’t comfortable you aren’t going to be able to wear them all day. Sit down in them, and chances are they will find themselves at the bottom of your wardrobe. I always do the 'sit test', if you can’t sit down in them don’t buy them!”  

The double pockets add a fresh touch.

This stretch fabric molds to feel like a second skin.

We love them rolled up and styled with pumps.

Vintage feels without having to hunt down the perfect shade of vintage blue.

Buy these, and live in them all weekend long.

This Australian label uses Japanese-made denim, which is renowned for its premium construction and authenticity.

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