I've Worn Glasses for Nearly 20 Years—Here's How to Find Your Perfect Pair

I have worn glasses since I was 17, so now at the age of 35, I've tipped over into the realm of having worn glasses for more years of my life than not. I have, of course, in that time worn plenty of different styles, but about four years ago, I discovered my perfect frames—black, thick rimmed, and slightly oversize from a brand called Cubitts, an independent optician. I know that they're a real "fashion" choice, and by that, I mean they make a statement. However, I often get complimented on them and even had a colleague message me over Slack after a Zoom call (so 2020) to ask me where I got them from. 


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Elaine Welteroth

The big question, of course, is, how do you find the right glasses for you? It took me over a decade to find mine, but here, I'm hoping to impart a bit of knowledge on how to discover your ideal frames. I've also called in the experts and spoke to Liz Moffatt, the marketing and communications manager at Cubitts, to help me understand common misconceptions about finding the right glasses and what she recommends. 


1. Research
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Elaine Welteroth

Firstly, for me, it's all about the research. I spent years looking at photos of Jenna Lyons (former CEO of J.Crew and striped-top purveyor) and admiring her thick-rimmed black glasses. I knew that I wanted some identical to hers. More recently, I've loved Elaine Welteroth's approach to glasses wearing. She's a fan of wire-rimmed frames, but I love how she wears them with ball gowns as well as more casual pieces, proving that glasses are very much a fashion statement. 


2. Don't Be Prescriptive
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Elaine Welteroth

When I spoke to Moffatt, she confirmed this and said that at Cubitts they don't follow the old rule of "round face, square frame" and that it's really about your personality and what you love. She also said that it's very much like choosing any other item of clothing—it's all to do with your personal style. So don’t think about what you should wear and look at what you want to wear. 


3. Experiment
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Jenna Lyons

Right now, due to COVID, it might seem like it’s difficult to experiment with new frame styles, and I know plenty of people (myself included) feel hesitant about going into stores. However, thanks to the wonders of technology, there are options. Cubitts has a great tool on the site called the Speculator, which allows you to try on its styles virtually. You can also order styles and send them back for free. Ace & Tate, another glasses store, offers you the option to try on styles at home and send back the ones that don't suit, and it also has a virtual try-on. You can also find designer glasses on luxury retailers, and if you have your heart set on a specific pair, just remember to check with your optician that they can add your current prescription into them. 


4. The Fit
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Jenna Lyons

After I chatted with Moffatt, the major takeaway was that you can choose any type of frame but just should make sure the fit is correct. If you do that, they will suit you. Ideally, what you're looking for is that your eyebrows appear over your frames. Otherwise, says Moffatt, they can look a bit odd. 


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Elinor wearing her perfect glasses: Judd frames from Cubitts. 

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