Hold the Phone! I Finally Found the Perfect Jeans

Season after season, our denim wardrobes evolve. Take the raw-hem denim that dominated the better part of this year, for example, or the cropped-flare wonders that started out as a street style favorite before cementing their place as closet staples. It’s safe to say fresh denim is something we never say no to, but the experience of actually shopping for the perfect pair generally ranks somewhere between “not so easy” and “utterly impossible.” Or so we thought…

Enter: Michelle Madsen, the self-proclaimed denim aficionado behind fashion and lifestyle blog Take Aim. “I wear denim almost every day, so I’m very picky when it comes to my jeans,” she tells us—so who better to turn to for some shopping advice? From coming to terms with nightmare changing-room situations to knowing why LYCRA® dualFX® technology is so life-changing, Madsen’s tips and tricks are sure to make searching for jeans a lot more enjoyable.

Here she is, in her favorite Levi’s® Mile High Super Skinny Jeans, to tell us exactly what’s involved. (Got a notepad ready?)

Have a Game Plan


The first step to taking the pain out of denim shopping is having a game plan, the blogger advises. Start by asking yourself what you’re not so crazy about when it comes to the jeans you currently own. Madsen’s top five concerns, in no particular order: “Fit, cut, color, material, and the quality.” Use this to help figure out exactly what’s on your perfect-jean checklist. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll be stuck in that dressing room, again, wondering why you even took off your leggings to begin with.

Fine-Tune the Fit


And now, time for some science. Every pair of jeans in your wardrobe should fit you exactly the way you want them to. One easy way to guarantee a perfect fit is by checking the tag for LYCRA® dualFX® technology­. Not only does it give you some wiggle room in terms of size (anyone else need their jeans to be one size around their thighs and another around their calves?), it also means you don’t have to break your back squeezing into your skinnies. Madsen, for one, swears by this particular stretchy fiber: “I’ve become pickier now when I shop for denim because I’m seeing that it’s totally possible to have really durable material that still forms well to my shape.”

Find Styles That Speak to You


Remember that denim checklist we were talking about? Don’t ditch it for that pair of jeans you just double-tapped on Instagram. While Madsen loves a new trend, she tells us it’s still important to prioritize what you know works. “If there’s one style you really love, don’t get caught up in needing to fill your closet with every type of jeans,” she says. “In the end, it’s always best to go with the pair you feel the most like yourself in. Connection over perfection!”

Make Comfort a Priority


These days, Madsen is all about high-rise jeans, and she tells us her Levi’s are the pair she finds the most flattering, having a bit of stretch gives added flexibility in high-waisted silhouettes, which is why her modern update made with LYCRA® dualFX® technology wins out over any vintage finds. “I always feel the most stylish when I’m comfortable and confident,” she says. Us too, Michelle. Us too.

Looking for comfortable jeans? Find out more about LYCRA® dualFX® technology here and shop more Levi's® here.