I Always Do This to Dress Up My Jeans

I don't know about you, but I find it incredibly enticing to wear jeans every single day. I've grown so attached to my denim collection, in fact, that I've begun to test the limits of when and where I can wear them. (So far, I've decided that airplane travel is firmly out of the question). But as for fancier occasions that warrant a more pulled-together approach—things like cocktail hours and date nightI've landed on a solution to keeping my tried-and-true denim in the rotation, and trust me when I say it works like a charm.

My three-step rule is straightforward and a super-simple way to dress up denim. It involves a solid pair of jeans, a slinky statement top, and a fun pair of heels. I start with classic denim—usually, the darker the wash, the better to give them a more polished feel. It's important to pick a pair without any major distressing (a frayed ankle hem is my exception to this).

The next element is crucial. I like to pick out a blouse that feels special for the evening ahead and also sets the tone for the rest of my look. I always gravitate toward a satin top or one with an eye-catching element to it, like a colorful print or luxurious texture. To finish it all off, a fun pair of heels is a must—whether they're strappy sandals or a trendy pair of pumps.

Curious to see how others dress up jeans with my three-step outfit combination? Just below, I'm sharing the looks that nail it in my opinion along with six outfits so you can shop the look for yourself.

If you're the type to wear jeans every day, try the two-minute trick I always do to make my pairs look cooler.