A Stylist's Guide to Dressing Like a French Film Star of the '60s

While our high school teachers rattled on about the groundbreaking editing and cinematography in the films of the French New Wave, we fashion girls were busy observing the très-chic outfits we saw onscreen. Take, for instance, Jean Seberg’s iconic Breton shirt in Breathless. And how could you forget Anna Karina’s ruffled red dress in Pierrot le Fou?

While the genre introduced French-girl style to the masses back in the ’50s and ’60s, the American fashion girl’s obsession with all things Parisian has never been greater than it is today. Take it from sisters Chloé and Marie-Lou Bartoli, a pair of stylists born to French parents and raised in Los Angeles. The two have literally made a living off of bringing French-girl style to Angeleno starlets.

“French-girl style is effortlessly cool,” explains Chloé. Adds Marie-Lou, “It has a lot to do with an overall attitude and lifestyle—it’s a combination of all of this that makes French-girl style so appealing.” Today, the sisters are showing us how to channel that effortless, vintage-inspired aesthetic using staples from AG’s aptly named spring collection, La Nouvelle Vague.

Curious to see the results? Keep reading to see how the en vogue pair put a modern spin on the silver-screen styles.

Lastly, if you’re wondering who French girls consider to be their ultimate style icon, c’est vous! “Us French girls love the American vintage and hippie style,” Chloé says. We guess the grass really is always greener.