How to Dress Like a Blogger Without Spending Major Money

For some women, the concept of dressing “trendy” without spending much money seems impossible; designer garments and accessories feel necessary to echo the high-priced looks of so many of our favorite fashion bloggers. While yes, obviously, anyone in this season’s designer clothes can look unbelievably fashionable, you can, contrary to popular belief, dress well without spending an entire paycheck.

Lucky for many of us who can’t seem to afford the luxuries of a Chloé dress or a Céline handbag, we have great fast-fashion options like Zara and Topshop to keep us looking stylish and on trend. It is a terrific sensation to find a bargain when an item looks much more expensive than what the price tag indicates.

Look, don’t get us wrong: We love nice things. There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a designer piece you truly love and that you know you’re going to wear for years to come—the ultimate statement piece to complete your wardrobe. But guess what? When you think about it, you don’t really need it to look amazing. You can wear similar pieces within your budget that still put you in the style spotlight—and we can prove it. Keep scrolling and follow these guidelines so you can dress like your favorite bloggers while staying within your budget.

High-quality leather is to low-grade leather what a Porsche is to a Chevy. Though there is an evident difference between faux fur and real fur, and faux suede and real suede, the distinction between faux and genuine leather is the most apparent. Make sure to pay close to attention to detail when it comes to these materials, because believe me, there’s a fine line between high and low quality, and you want to make sure you buy the best of what you can afford.

If you have the essential basics, like an LBD, a blazer, and a pair of pumps, you’re all set. It’s basics like these that are the foundation for any outfit and the must-haves in any wardrobe. You should definitely take care of building a basics-filled wardrobe first, and then later move on to buying more statement pieces. Plus, spending more on basics is an investment; they’ll last you for years.


Andy Heart

I’m sure you already know that you can build a solid wardrobe from shopping at merely H&M, ASOS, Topshop, Forever 21, and Zara. These fast-fashion stores are the ultimate resource for women looking to try out a new trend without spending a freakish amount of money. However, the key is to buy fast-fashion pieces you know you’ll wear, instead of collecting boatloads of items just because they’re cheap.

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