How to Dress for Spring When the Weather's Confusing


Collage Vintage

Dressing for spring weather can be a complicated feat. Is it hot? Is it cold? Can I get away with sandals? Do I still need my winter coat? Sure, it’s easy when it’s in the 30s and below or in the 70s and up, but those in-between temperatures—when it’s hot one day and cold the next—present us with tricky sartorial challenges before we’ve even had our morning coffee. The key to mastering confusing weather is with, of course, some nifty layering. If you’re opting for a dress, make it a midi! and layer a tee underneath it when there’s still a chill in the air. Since shoes and jackets are the trickiest parts to overcome when the weather is confusing, we’ve put together this handy little cheat sheet to help you tackle whatever elements spring brings.