Scientific Proof It's Not Weird to Dress Like the Person Interviewing You

Like most people, when I'm interviewing for a job I go all out. Of course that includes ensuring my portfolio is up to date and that I have my CV correctly filled out. But I also like to do my research on the people interviewing me. Now, sure, I can hear you ask, doesn't everyone do that? Yes, that might be the case—you'll go on LinkedIn, look them up on the company website and maybe check to see if you have any friends in common on Facebook. But what about finding out about how they like to dress, in order to secure the job? 

According to The Science of Us, a job interview is a bit like a date—you want to make sure you're remembered for all the right reasons. But the point that made us think the most is that the people doing the hiring are wired to pick a candidate who is most like them. So, we say, why shouldn't that stretch to dressing like them? Now, we're not suggesting you rock up looking like you could be like their long-lost twin from The Shining, but understanding the office codes and culture before you even start? Now that's surely a good thing.

Keep scrolling for two simple things you need to do to dress like your interviewer and where to shop some key pieces to make your interview outfit sparkle.  

A classic jacket:

A pair of eye-catching shoes:

A chic scarf:

Elinor Block