What You Should Buy When You're Fresh Out of Uni

Your first year out of uni can be a tricky one—navigating job interviews, working out how you want your career to pan out, and coming to grips with finishing your schooling (after what feels like a million years). What can often be forgotten, is planning your next style move after graduation. Uni is fun—it’s all about casual sneakers and comfy streetwear, but the workforce is a different place. In your first year out, it’s important to have an idea of what you want your interview and work style to be—obviously depending on your chosen career. It’s easy to go out and buy a matching suit and wear it to meet all prospective employers, but that lacks one major factor—personality.

We’ve whittled down the perfect post-uni wardrobe into seven key pieces you should own. You can add your own spin, with fabrics and prints, and mix and match them together to create on-trend, and elevated outfits.

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Black Blazer

A black blazer will be your wardrobe hero no matter what industry you choose to go into. Wear it to interviews with slim-line jeans and a white shirt (for creative) or with a midi skirt and slingbacks (for corporate).

Printed Dress

It's important to show your personality when you're in the interviewing phase. Potential employers want to know if you're a good culture fit, as well as your ability to fulfill the role. A printed dress (that keeps you covered up in the right places), is an easy way to show your personality.

Structured Tote

As a new-starter, chances are you'll be the one carrying the laptop and notes between meetings and appointments. Keep them filed away nicely in a structured tote. 

Silk Scarf

Use a printed silk scarf to take your outfit from plain, to next level. Tie it around your neck, or your handbag for something different.

Interesting White Shirt

You have your whole life to find the perfect white shirt and wear it until it falls apart. But now, as a graduate, look for something with a bit of interest to help you stand out.

Wide Leg Pants

A pair of wide leg pants will be invaluable to your wardrobe. So easy to dress up for a last minute after work event. Just add a red lip and slick your hair back.

Slingback Heels

When you're straight out of uni, chances are you're not yet used to spending all day in heels. Opt for a low-heel slingback as your training wheels.

Opening image: Talisa Sutton via Badlands.

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