The 2 Coolest Ways to Cuff Your Jeans in 2017


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While much of the denim world revolves around frayed hems, there's still something to be said for knowing just how to cuff your jeans like a pro. From supersize sailor-style turn-ups (very Sarah Jessica Parker) to a neat little pin rolls that are just the ticket for showing off fantastic ankle-strap heels, it's a worthwhile skill for any fashion-loving girl to have up her, erm, sleeve.

Which is why we were keen on J.Crew's latest Style Hacks video, wherein the New York brand's head womenswear designer, Somsack Sikhounmuong, and editor Halsey Anderson guide you through the two coolest ways to roll up your jeans now. What's on trend for 2017? Well, it's all about showing a lot of ankle—the most "underrated" but "super-sexy" part of your body, according to Somsack.

Check out the video below to see how to re-create the following key cuffing techniques.

1. The 1986 Cuff: Named after the first time this appeared in the J.Crew catalogue, this is like a tight double pin roll. Pinch and tuck the outside seam and then turn up twice by a half-inch each time to secure. Keep the cuff slim and subtle.

2. The "Hello, Sailor" Cuff: This is a more exaggerated silhouette, and Somsack recommends going no longer than six inches in order to stay on the right side of adventurous. It's important that the fold hits above the ankle bone for the most leg-lengthening effect.

Keep scrolling to see the J.Crew crew in action, and shop a denim look that you can cuff right away.

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