How to Cuff Jeans to Make a Fashion Statement

Cuffing season is here—and we're not just talking about the propensity to pair up with a partner as we head into fall and winter. As the temperature cools and we break out our favorite ankle boots, cuffed jeans become the look of the season.

Cuffing jeans allows us to simultaneously show off our statement shoes and also freshen up our denim, providing for an assortment of new ways to step out in our favorite pairs of jeans. This $0 styling trick transforms the way your jeans look, and there are a handful of ways to do it, depending on your desired effect.

From subtle rolls to folds of statement proportions, every styling imparts a different look. We've rounded up seven of our favorite jean-cuffing techniques in a range of denim varieties. So if you've ever wondered how to cuff jeans, you'll now have several strategies to add to your repertoire.

Head below for how to cuff jeans seven stylish ways.