6 Style Rules New Yorkers Have Learned From Their Moms

Part of the allure of living in the Big Apple is never knowing where the day will take you. Because of that, getting dressed is a delicate balancing act: Looking the part is important, but comfort and practicality can't be overlooked without dire consequences—or at the very least, dire blisters. All things considered, it's safe to say you've got yourself a style equation that's hard to crack.

Kayla Seah of Not Your Standard, Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge, and Lainy Hedaya of Haute Inhabit have a knack for mastering New York style that runs deep, thanks to an oft-uncelebrated source of sartorial wisdom—their moms. Since there's nothing more interesting than someone else's family secrets, we got each New Yorker to spill what they've picked up from the influential women in their lives, from having a go-to perfume (like Coach Eau de Parfum) to knowing exactly which wardrobe items to invest in.

Live in a different geotag? You can still get primo style inspiration from these chic ladies.