These Are the Only Ways You Should Be Cleaning Your Gold Jewelry

Congrats! You've steadily grown your gold jewelry collection. From vintage finds and family heirlooms to trendy pieces you couldn't resist and some splurges here and there, you have found the metal that works for you and your wardrobe. However, whether gold-filled or plated, this fine metal isn't exempt from the challenges of time. Whether it's a tarnish here and there or smudge of dirt that refuses to come out with a simple wipe, your gold pieces need TLC from time to time.

There are plenty of methods you can use to make your most treasured pieces look brand-new. However, before you dive headfirst on all the options you can find on the internet, we've rounded up the best ways of how you to clean your gold jewelry without any fuss. 

Use Commercial Gold Cleaners

If DIY isn't your thing, simply buy a commercial gold cleaner. There are plenty on the market that work wonders. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully so they don't backfire.

Use Ammonia 

Be warned: Ammonia can tarnish your gold in the long run. However, if you need something heavy duty, you can avoid the worst from occurring by simply diluting the ammonia with water and soaking the jewelry in the mixture for no more than 60 seconds. 

Use Dish Soap

For a quick pick-me-up, a few drops of soap mixed with water can go a long way when cleaning your gold jewelry. For maximum results, make sure the water isn't boiling. Then, simply let your pieces air-dry. 

Use a Warm, Damp Cloth 

If your gold jewelry has gemstones, you most likely will have to clean your items without using water. No worries, though. Grab a warm, damp cloth and scrub your jewelry gently. Plus, when leaving it to air-dry, place your items upside down so no water gets trapped between the gemstone and the metal.

Professional Cleaning

If you don't trust yourself with the task of cleaning your precious gold jewelry collection or simply prefer to leave it to a professional, that's always a viable option. Not only will your precious pieces last longer with a trip to get them cleaned, but you might get some valuable tips from the pros that you can't find on the internet.

Now keep on growing your gold jewelry collection with the reassurance that you know how to take care of it. If that's not a justification to keep shopping, we don't know what is.

Opening Image: @alyssainthecity