PSA: Your Dry-Clean-Only Label Isn't As Important As You Thought


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We've discovered many new brands and faces through our Instagram obsession, but one product we didn't expect to discover on our daily scroll, was a chic cleaning label. Enter: Ms BROWN—a natural approach to cleaning products for the home and body. With packaging this pretty and Instagrammable, we're hardly surprised it's gaining steam.

Ms BROWN caught our attention due to its promise as a gentle and safe cleaning option for the most precious pieces in your wardrobe. Launched by ex-Vogue Australia online editor Alexandra Brown, the product aims to increase the lifespan of your clothes, by swapping harsh chemicals for plant extracts, organic herbs, and essential oils.

We reached out to Brown over email to find out more about what her product aims to do, armed with one question in mind—can it help decrease our dry-cleaning bill?

Brown explained, "If you take a look at the care labels on most of your clothes, you'll find that 'dry clean only' is all too often the fall-back option for fashion manufacturers, when in reality a careful wash at home will absolutely be suitable, and in most cases, actually better for the garment. The simplest method to clean and refresh your favourite pieces is to hand wash or use a gentle machine cycle and a gentle, natural detergent like Ms BROWN. For wool and cashmere be sure to pull gently into shape and lay flat to dry."

For the special silk purchases you've invested in, it'll be silly to not take care of the delicate fabric, and we've also discovered a product that can also make this an easy process. Enter: NATALIJA. The woman behind the label, Natalija Bouropoulos recommends a simple hand-wash technique that you can bang out in less time than it takes to run through a session of TV ads. 

If you have delicate garments to care for, but want to avoid an enormous dry cleaning bill, keep scrolling to shop our favourite cleaning products. 

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