How to Properly Clean a Diamond Ring in 3 Simple Steps

We all want our beautiful, sparkling diamond rings to stay shiny and new. But over time, buildup from dirt, oil, and sweat on our fingers can make it look lifeless and dull. Professional cleanings at a jeweler are always an option, but we were curious to see if one can bring back that lusted-after sparkle at home. So, we tapped McKenzie Santimer, a museum exhibit designer at the Gemological Institute of America, to learn the proper steps one should take (and the things to avoid) when cleaning the diamond ring yourself.

Much to our surprise, properly cleaning the ring is simple and only requires three steps—yes, three.

Step 1. Soak the ring

As Santimer explains of the process, one should first "soak the diamond ring for up to 24 hours in warm water that has a few drops of mild detergent." As for what to avoid using on your ring? "Abrasive household cleaners, especially chlorine bleach," she notes.

Step 2. Gently clean with a toothbrush

After the ring has soaked for a day or so, remove it from the solution, and "use a soft and clean toothbrush to gently remove any buildup. Don't forget to scrub the back of the ring too. This area tends to collect all the stuff you wouldn't want on your diamond, let alone on you," Santimer says.

Step 3. Dry the ring

Last but not least, let the ring air-dry or use a lint-free cloth to speed up the process.

Other tips she shared for maintaining your ring's sparkle? Avoid touching the diamond, as it loves to hold onto oils and lotions, and clean it once or twice a week to ensure maximum shininess. Simple and easy, right? Now that you know how to clean a diamond ring to keep it glistening, why not shop a few more for to add to your jewelry collection? Read on to shop 30 diamond beautiful rings, all under $1000.

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