4 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band

While we tend to put most of our focus into searching for the perfect engagement ring, choosing the perfect wedding band to accompany it with is equally important. Of course, just like the beautiful ring your S.O. has given you, your wedding band is an extension of your commitment to your partner, and it should take just as much consideration as anything else. That said, with the ever-growing number of trends and options out there, narrowing it down to one final choice can be a daunting task. Not to worry: We asked designer Octavia Zamagias, the designer behind Octavia Elizabeth for her expertise on what to keep in mind when searching for that special band.

Choose something you can wear every day.

According to Zamagias, the perfect wedding band should be something you can wear every day, sometimes even in place of your engagement ring. For this reason, the designer typically tries to steer her clients away from styles on the trendier side.

This is the time to get the right ring.

If your engagement ring is less than ideal, take the opportunity of choosing exactly what you want in a wedding band. “I always suggest that they really get what they want out of the wedding band… Forgo matching if it means you’ll be happier in the long run,” she tells us.

Choose a practical band.

“The last thing you want to end up with is an impractical wedding band,” Zamagias says. “Emeralds are gorgeous, but they’re soft and won’t stand up to daily wear and tear, unfortunately. Go with diamonds, or if you want a colored stone, sapphires and rubies are substantial.” She also mentions steering away from pavé diamonds, as they fall out over time.

Get the comfort fit.

If you’re getting a plain band, opt for a comfort fit, which is when the jeweler shapes the band in a half-round shape. “It will be undetectable when it’s on, but so much more comfortable,” she notes.

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Rubies, like diamonds, can take on a bit more than other stones like emeralds.

A bezel-set eternity band has a completely different look from its traditional counterparts.

With hand-engraved constellations, this ring is a work of art.

This will stack so nicely with your engagement ring.

You’ll love wearing this unique band every day.

For the bolder ones out there, this thicker band will open up to show two linked rings.

This white enamel band feels polished for everyday wear.

We love the black and white diamonds on this.

This band will feel so comfortable on your hand.

The rough texture on this is everything.

We’re obsessed with the design of this.

Sometimes a simple band is exactly what you need.

We love the subtle details in this band.

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