A Celeb, Swim Designer, and Stylist Say These 3 Things Make a Bikini Perfect

how to choose a swimsuit



You might find yourself saying that the perfect bikini just doesn't exist, but check back in approximately 20 slides from now and you may have a different idea. I get it, though. How could the perfect set exist when everyone has a different idea about what that means? For instance, some might prefer a strappy, barely there look, while others are loyal to high-waisted bottoms.

Between preferences on style, fit, and, um, the fact that no two bodies are alike, there's obviously not one bikini that's perfect for everyone but instead a few details that combine to make a swimsuit you're completely obsessed with. To find out how to choose a swimsuit that comes close to perfection, we asked the experts: Amelia Lindquist, the design director at Solid & Striped, who thinks about fit constantly; Britt Theodora, a celebrity stylist with amazing taste; and Jameela Jamil, a rising name in Hollywood who's making body positivity her mission as an #AerieReal Role Model.

Keep reading to find out what each of them is deeming the three most important qualities in a bikini, and then, of course, find your new favorite here.

Jameela Jamil, Actress, Activist, and Founder of @i_weigh

1. Comfort

"Confidence is truly the best you can look. So choose comfortable swimwear. If you just choose something you can actually enjoy yourself in rather than something that makes you feel self-conscious or adjust it. I'm not a fan of cutout swimsuits [because of the weird tanlines]. And I think really just your comfort and happiness is the most important thing at the beach."

2. Standout Pattern

"I think it's important to show that you have arrived, goddammit. Your swimsuit should announce you."

3. Tan Lines

"Think about the tan. You don't want to walk out [post-sun exposure] in your strapless dress looking like a zebra. You don't need that, no one needs that. So think ahead—and wear sunscreen."

Britt Theodora, Celebrity Stylist

1. Comfort

"Most importantly, your bathing suit should be comfortable. I typically buy suits that I know won't be uncomfortable to wear while swimming or if I am on a family vacation, I want to make sure I am
dressed appropriately with everything tucked in!"

2. Picture Perfect

"Let's be real, we all take a lot of pics on vacation, and the perfect bathing suit should be photogenic. I love suits in neon colors and fun prints for the 'gram."

3. Mix-and-match sizing

"Women are all different shapes and sizes, and what’s great about bathing suits is that you can usually buy different sizes for tops and bottoms. The perfect suit fits properly and gives you that extra amount of confidence on the beach."

Amelia Lindquist, Design Director, Solid & Striped

1. Confidence

“A perfect bikini gives you confidence! It is supportive and comfortable and adjustable and doesn’t give you insane tan lines.”

2. The Perfect Color

"It’s a fun color or it’s black. I can’t decide."

3. The Right Amount of Coverage

"It's exactly the right amount of coverage. It's implicitly sexy never explicitly sexy. It's nostalgic and romantic and playful."