Before You Buy a Dior Bag, Read This Expert's Tips


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If you've purchased something pricey on a whim only to be met with a wave of buyer's remorse shortly thereafter, you're not alone. Buying new, luxe, on-trend items is incredibly tempting, and as editors, we really do have to practice restraint because, well, shopping is kind of our MO. We've learned some great tips in our time though, like sale season is your best friend, buying winter clothes in the summer can save you major bucks, and last but certainly not least, don't buy a designer handbag without first doing some thorough research.

Buying a Dior bag, for example, is a big life decision. Sure, it might not be as big a decision as picking your engagement ring, but the designer arm candy is an investment piece that certainly doesn't come cheap. So before you pull the trigger, research is key. But there's more to the process of buying a Dior bag, too, according to Amanda Joseph, ThredUp Merchandising Manager, and Luxe Specialist.

Ahead, her expert tips on everything you should keep in mind before you hand over your credit card and purchase a Dior bag for yourself. Trust us, this is 100% worth the read.

1. Get Educated

"Study the styles and attributes that are most popular among Dior bags to learn which bags have endured over the years, and familiarize yourself with fabrications and price points (check out thredUP’s Resale Report and save your search so you’re the first to know about new arrivals)."

2. Assess Your Wardrobe

"Even on the resale market, Dior bags are a splurge, so it helps to understand what you have in your closet to ensure the bag you pick will work with your style. Keep a cleanout bag handy to sell anything you’re no longer wearing. Plus, you can put your earnings toward your purchase!"

3. Go Classic for a Safe Bet

"Some things never go out of style, like Chanel flats or this black leather bucket bag. Buying with resale in mind is a smarter way to shop and will help your dollar go further by ensuring you can recoup some costs down the line."

4. But Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

"While Dior is the epitome of chic, the house also knows how to have fun! As demonstrated by celebs from Paris Hilton to Bella Hadid, wearing a Dior bag like this Dog Tag style or embracing a fun color is sure to make you look the life of the party."

5. Don't Buy a Bag Before Giving It Serious Thought

"As a society, we’re collectively buying two times as much and keeping it for half as long, but it’s better for the planet (and your wallet!) to thoroughly consider purchases to avoid waste. If you stop thinking about a bag the second you put it in your cart, it’s probably not meant to be. If you’re unsure, it’s best to go classic and invest in a leather handbag with minimal logos like this one since leather bags are most likely to wear well and hold their value over time. Plus, neutral bags will match pretty much anything in your closet, so the cost per wear will be lower in the long run."

6. Know How to Spot a Fake

1. Check your charm: "Dior bags often feature the brand’s lettered DIOR charms, and the "O” charm should be in the back. Often, fakes will use cheaper metal hardware that will have "waving” in it. True Christian Dior hardware should have a nice finish, with no waves or brush strokes."

2. Zoom in on the stitching: "The Lady Dior, in particular, is known for its iconic, nearly impossible-to-replicate Cannage stitching. Stitching that is inconsistent in length strongly suggests the item is inauthentic. Pro tip: Look for stitches that go from a long to short length over the bulkier/thicker portions of the bag. If there are significant stitch length changes, it may be a cause for concern."

3. Open it up: "Don’t forget to take a look at the interior heat stamp. It should be perfectly centered on the leather tag inside the bag, and the tag itself should have rounded corners (not square). The stamp is typically metallic (silver or gold). But look closely—many fake items also feature this metallic print, but generally fail to perfectly replicate the font."

4. Use all your senses: "Smell that bag! The leather handles should never have a chemical scent. And while you’re checking the handles, the arched handles of the iconic Lady Dior handbag stay in place when not being held, an attribute that’s extremely difficult for non-authentic productions to replicate. Steer clear of Lady bags whose handles make noise when moving or move from side to side too much."

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Eva Thomas