How to Buy an Engagement Ring: 5 Things You Really Should Know

Christmas day is often known as one of, if not the most, popular date in the year to propose, so it's no surprise that we've got engagement rings on the mind. But do you know exactly how to find the right one? Whether you're buying it for a partner or just want to find one for yourself (which is totally okay by the way), there are a few tips and tricks you need to know.


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Now, because we're not diamond experts (we wish), we're unable to advise you, however, we spoke to Sarah-Jane Tidy from Queensmith Master Jewellers in Hatton Garden about what you need to look for and how to avoid any potential pitfalls when selecting a perfect piece of jewellery. Keep scrolling for the five tips everyone needs to know before buying an engagement ring.

#1: Do your research

"Research designs you think your partner might like. What's in their jewellery box at the moment, are they more classic or do they like things a little bit different? Some like to get their partner's best friends involved for advice, but personally, I'd recommend going it alone. Once you've popped the question, you can make your announcement and show off the bling to everyone as a couple and witness your friends' and families' reactions together. Find a jeweller with a full money-back or remake guarantee just in case they don't like it and you're guaranteed the brownie points with the safety net of a backup plan."

#2: Don't worry about the ring size

"Don't worry too much about the ring size, as there are a lot of other more important factors to worry over. No, but seriously, there is a direct correlation between a ladies dress size, height and ring size. I always like to over-egg it to make sure it goes over the knuckle. Resizing is quick and simple to do, and any good jeweller will include it as part of your aftercare package. Queensmith typically resize engagement rings in around three days and free of charge."

#3: Make sure your diamond has a certificate

"Always buy a diamond certified by the GIA–the world's most-renowned grading laboratory, and enlist the services of a bespoke manufacturing jeweller. The great thing about GIA-certified diamonds is that there is a laser inscription of its own unique certification number on the actual diamond itself. It's so minuscule that you'll never in a million years be able to see it with the unaided eye. All reputable jewellers will have microscopes for you to check the GIA number for yourself and confirm its authenticity. However, the setting is just as important as the diamond. A high-quality setting is not only going to showcase your diamond to its full potential, but it's going to keep it safe on your partner's finger for decades to come."

#4: Get the most for your money

"For the optimum amount of sparkle and the biggest bang for your buck, the best choice is a halo ring. This style is essentially a row of delicately set diamonds surrounding the main centre diamond. The execution of a halo can either make or break the design, and I've seen some shocking examples. To get the best results, all small diamonds must be perfectly calibrated for cut, colour, clarity and size. It's crucial they all match the quality of your main centre diamond. Next up the metal work: Keep it delicate and refined and make sure it's what we would describe as wedding band–friendly, meaning that when it comes to wedding time, they'll be able to fit a wedding band perfectly flush against their engagement ring."

#5: Get a care package

"When deciding where you should purchase your engagement ring, there are lots of factors to consider more than just the diamond itself. Any jeweller worth their salt will offer an attractive aftercare package, including a lifetime manufacturers warranty, lifetime of polishing and ring resizing. On top of that, look for places that will give you a full money-back guarantee or the offer of remaking the ring for free, if it turns out you got the 'yes' but the ring didn't."

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