How to Not Dress Like Every Other Girl

If you don't want to dress like every other person in the world, there's only one thing you have to do—build a capsule wardrobe. Don't know how to do that? Fear not, as we're about to show you exactly how. In the past, we've touched on how to build a capsule wardrobe for classic style, specific celebrities' style, and so on and so forth, but today we're honing in on something a little more special—a capsule wardrobe focused solely on how to be the most authentic version of yourself. 

Ahead we've dished out five tips on how to build the unique capsule wardrobe of your dreams. In layman's terms, this would be the equivalent of creating a closet that ensures you never show up looking like anyone else. Surprisingly, achieving this goal is extremely easy, and we have the shopping and guidelines to prove it. Ready to be true and be you?