How to Actually Fit All Your Clothes in a Tiny Closet

Gingerly twisting the doorknob, you inch the closet door open and wait for an avalanche of shoes, scarves, and hats to spill out. It's easy to think a messy closet is inevitable in a small space. While we all might aspire to the palatial walk-ins of celebrities and reality stars, in reality, every inch of space is crucial, and organization is key.

This constant struggle is one of the many reasons we turned to organization and style expert Shira Gill for her advice on mastering the art of the minuscule closet. Not only did Gill offer up a handful of tricks for making the most of your tiny space, but she also went one step further and shared pictures of her actual closet. 

Armed with Gill's impressive tips, this weekend just might be the perfect time to get a jump-start on spring-cleaning. Read on for a breakdown of her three major tips, plus bonus ideas for solving all the storage issues in your life.

Check out Gill's tips below, and then shop pieces to help you master the art of the clean closet!