The Hootie Shoe Trend That's About to Be Big

What’s a hootie? If you’ve never heard of the style, don’t be alarmed—it’s actually a term we kind of just invented to describe these heel-bootie hybrids we’ve been seeing around lately. From Céline to Acne Studios to Zara, it seems like this semi-confusing shoe trend is about to be the next big thing—and we can definitely see why! Besides the fact that they look totally comfortable (the more coverage, the more comfort), they have the potential to be quite functional, if you think about it. Imagine pumps with a lot of extra coverage or ankle boots with an exceptionally low vamp—the uses are endless, especially with fall just around the corner.

If you’re having trouble visualizing the shoe style, simply scroll down to see (and shop) what we mean!

Give your work wardrobe a fashion-forward update by swapping your go-to black pumps for these.

On a scale of heel to bootie, these veer more toward heel, so if you're looking for a subtle approach to the trend, this Zara pair is it.

Embellished shoes are an easy way to make your daily uniform feel special.

Sorry for the repeat, but we simply couldn't choose between this color and black! 

Would you wear hooties? Sound off in the comments! 

Opening Image: Stockholm Street Style