7 Wellness Commandments Fitness Gurus Want You to Know for the Holidays


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Lately, there's been this really great movement within the wellness and fitness space that puts less emphasis on restrictive and stressful habits like dieting and over-exercising, and more emphasis on mindful habits like unplugging from our phones, embracing activities like meditation and yoga, and having a quality-over-quantity approach to diet

However, with the holidays comes an inevitable deluge of diet talk—from how many calories our beloved slice of pumpkin or apple pie contains to exactly how many minutes we need to spend on the treadmill to work off that extra serving of stuffing. To which we say, Ugh.

Here at Byrdie, we're not under any preconceived notions that it's 100% possible to completely tune out all the disruptively distorted white noise and chatter, but we do believe in surrounding ourselves with positive messages and strategies to help ease our way through the holidays in one, happy and healthy piece (both mentally and physically).

Therefore, we were curious how some of social media's favorite fitness gurus handle the pressures of the holiday season. What are their best tips and tricks when it comes to their approach to wellness? The all-star lineup: Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning, co-founders of P.E Nation; Lindsay Jang, co-founder of Missbish; and Tully Humphrey, designer and co-founder of Tully Lou. Keep reading for the top seven wellness commandments fitness gurus swear by during the holidays.

1. Prioritize Sleep + Supplements

"Sleep is my favorite thing to do, and as I get older, I've grown to really understand just how valuable it is—especially during the chaos of the holidays! I try to get at least eight hours of sleep per night, and I also try to avoid going to bed with a full stomach. That way, my body can be in repair mode versus trying to digest all of my food. I also take a lot of vitamins and supplements, so no matter what is going on with my diet or exercise routine, I feel confident that my core systems are getting the right support they need." —Lindsay Jang

2. Enjoy What You love in moderation

"Even year-round, I believe strongly in the idea of everything in moderation. I tend to avoid processed food and go for whole food diet staples that look like where they came from. By following this rule, I don't see any issue with turkey, stuffing, and pie as long as I know what's in it! At the end of the day, I know I'll be back on track in January, so I'm not too hard on myself. I love the holidays and appreciate all of the fun quality time I get to spend with my friends and family." — Lindsay 

"I try to never deprive myself when it comes to food— especially during specific holidays like Christmas day. It's a special time to relax and enjoy yourself with family and friends. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with anorexia, and there were too many years when I labeled foods as 'bad' and restricted myself. So now, I try to live by the 80/20 rule and ensure I'm eating real wholesome foods that make me feel good both mentally and physically."Tully Humphrey

3. Take your workout outdoors

"During the holidays, the only roadblock I tend to encounter is when my favorite gym or studio is closed. So instead, I try to get outdoors with my kids and use the hiking trails near my house to stay active. Again, I try not to be too hard on myself, and I always prioritize quality time with my loved ones over sweat. But don't get me wrong, I'm always trying to drag everyone along with me to fit some extra activity in!" — Lindsay 

4. Find Sneaky Ways to Exercise

"If I don't have enough time to fit in a proper workout, I like to stream a LEKfit sculpt session, it only goes for 10 to 15 minutes, so it's a good way to squeeze in some activity if you can't commit to a longer session." — Claire Tregoning

"If I am not at my boxing studio, I will shadow box and add some quick HIIT workouts in between. It's super easy and all you need is the HIIT timer app on your phone and you are good to go! Plus, if I will be traveling over the holidays, I always make sure to pack a jump rope and band with me. This way, I have no excuses and can throw in a quick HIIT workout wherever I am." — Tully

5. Get some greens in 

"No matter what, I always try to eat or drink something green in the morning! It's a great way to get some nutritious goodness into my body straightaway." — Tully

"Both Claire and I advocate a healthy and balanced lifestyle, so our day-to-day doesn't change too much once the holiday season starts. As always, we try to eat as best we can by incorporating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits into our diet and drink lots of water." — Pip Edwards

6. Mix it it up with a morning workout

"Claire and I are both obsessed with Pilates, and I like to throw in soft sand runs and boxing sessions too. There will always be days when you're not in the mood to work out, but the amazing way you feel afterward is always worth it!" — Pip

"My key for staying motivated during the holidays is to always work out in the morning. I'll lay all of my workout gear right next to my bed, so I don’t have to think about it first thing when I wake up. I've found whenever I plan workouts for the afternoon, I end up dreading it all day and try to come up with any excuse to get out of it." — Tully

7. Take the holidays to unplug

"One of my best tips for balancing wellness during the holidays is spending time with family, switching off from work, and spending long days at the beach. We're lucky that summer coincides with Christmas here in Australia, so it's much easier to stay motivated to look after yourself." — Claire

"Yoga and meditation is a great way to unplug, but the most important (and my favorite) thing to do this time of the year is spend quality time with my family. I love the holiday season to head to my parents' and relax without my phone and computer. And if I can, I also love to head to the beach, read a book, and jump in the ocean. Nothing is better!" — Tully

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