4 Style Experts Take On Our 30-Day Fashion Challenge

We do love our fair share of out-there outfits, but there are still those fashion moments we write off as just not quite for us (*cough* ugly sneakers *cough*). But when we write too many trends off that little bit too soon–and perhaps even become, dare we suggest it, set in our ways–it makes us wonder: What incredible outfits might we be devastatingly missing out on?

Our 30-day wardrobe challenges are designed to inspire us all to dip our toes into the looks we otherwise might not. This time around, we threw a little twist into the mix: We asked four of our favorite style experts to get in on the action and mix some less-than-expected pieces from INC International Concepts, Created for Macy's into their already killer looks, in very specific ways. And, being fashion girls who like to reinvent their looks constantly, they were more than up for the task.

So set aside your sartorial preconceptions and get ready to go a bit wild—it’s time to see the fashion challenges we dared our bloggers to try.

Are you game to mix up your look? Read the full list of our fashion challenges here; then head over to Macy’s to pick up everything you need.