4 Style Experts Take On Our 30-Day Fashion Challenge

We do love our fair share of out-there outfits, but there are still those fashion moments we write off as just not quite for us (*cough* ugly sneakers *cough*). But when we write too many trends off that little bit too soon–and perhaps even become, dare we suggest it, set in our ways–it makes us wonder: What incredible outfits might we be devastatingly missing out on?

Our 30-day wardrobe challenges are designed to inspire us all to dip our toes into the looks we otherwise might not. This time around, we threw a little twist into the mix: We asked four of our favorite style experts to get in on the action and mix some less-than-expected pieces from INC International Concepts, Created for Macy's into their already killer looks, in very specific ways. And, being fashion girls who like to reinvent their looks constantly, they were more than up for the task.

So set aside your sartorial preconceptions and get ready to go a bit wild—it’s time to see the fashion challenges we dared our bloggers to try.

The Challenge: Add a Chic Puffer Coat Into Your Wardrobe

margo and me style

It’s true: It’s the year of the puffer coat (especially worn off the shoulder)—special thanks to Balenciaga and the street style mavericks who predicted this would be A Thing. For Margo and Me blogger Jenny Cipoletti, who usually leans toward a trench come winter weather, the puffer jacket challenge nudged her toward a more modern take on her classic look.

margo and me winter style

Cipoletti tells us that puffer jackets shouldn’t just be reserved for weather so cold you only want to hide under a blanket all day (just us?)—worn open and with lighter layers, they’re actually great pieces to keep on hand year-round. As for how to keep the silhouette flattering? “Since the jacket is so thick, I opted for just one layer underneath instead of multiple to add less bulk,” she tells us.

The Challenge: Finally Purchase a Pair of Cool Red Boots

red over the knee boots

Show of hands: How many of of you have wanted to strut down the street in a pair of thigh-high boots but shied away from making the purchase at the last minute? We get it, and so does The Girl From Panama blogger Pam Hetlinger. “I’ve been wanting to try red over-the-knee boots ever since I spotted them at fashion week,” she told us. This challenge was exactly the nudge she needed to get them out of her cart and into her wardrobe.

red sock boots

When styled with chic and timeless pieces like a perfectly in proportion leather skirt, those of-the-moment red boots feel less, well, loud. This classic monochrome palette and relaxed turtleneck help tone things down for a daytime-friendly look that’s 100% ready to take you straight into the evening—just add an oversize denim jacket or chic trench.

The Challenge: Elevate Your Hoodie With a Trench

hoodie and jeans style

How we love a good hoodie: The classic, comfy staple fixes any bad day (and let’s be honest—sometimes it’s the only thing we want to wear). So we challenged blogger Jess Wang of Not Jess Fashion to style the piece we typically reserve for a Netflix-and-chill night in into a chic outfit worthy of NYFW street style galleries with the addition of a polished trench.

not jess fashion winter style

Usually one to be seen in more tailored pieces, Wang tells us the challenge encouraged her to take a second look at her basics. Elevated details like the gold eyelet hardware on her sweater and statement earrings were key to giving the ultimate off-duty look a hint of sophistication.

The Challenge: Make Your Denim Dress Winter-Ready by Layering In a Turtleneck

kat tanita winter style

“I didn’t think my denim dress had a place for my winter ensembles,” blogger Kat Tanita of With Love From Kat told us, echoing probably 99% of us (we know our neglected denim dresses have been hanging in our closets awaiting warmer weather). But with the addition of a good turtleneck sweater, they’re quite wearable for colder weather.

kat tanita denim dress

By adding in a slew of retro-inspired pieces (hello, baker-boy cap, bell-sleeve turtleneck, and over-the-knee boots), Tanita found a cozy way to layer up her look for the cooler season. And since black and denim are such a foolproof combo, this outfit is set to be the perfect winter weekend uniform that gives your go-to jeans a much-needed break.

Are you game to mix up your look? Read the full list of our fashion challenges here; then head over to Macy’s to pick up everything you need.

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