The 5 Holiday Style Mistakes Even Fashion Girls Make

Even when you work in fashion, you’re not immune to making a less-than-great style decision. We thought it would be fun and useful to poll the office for holiday style mistakes even Who What Wear editors have made, so you can be sure to avoid falling into the same trap this party season. Ahead, our very own confessions! 

“File this under bad combinations: delicate tights and a spiky bracelet. I wore both to a company party, and the bracelet repeatedly got caught on my tights. After about thirty minutes, my tights were partially shredded with runs. The look was less sophisticated and more Taylor Momsen.” –Kat Collings, Senior Editor, Who What Wear

“After living in Los Angeles, I went home to Minneapolis for the holidays and wore a dress without tights to a party. I remember standing outside waiting for my brother to pick me up and thinking how insane it was that it was negative-degree weather and I was standing there shivering. What I remember most about that evening is frostbitten ankles. I think you can dress for the weather while still looking stylish; they aren’t mutually exclusive. And you don’t need to freeze for the sake of fashion.” –Michelle Plantan, Senior Manager of Content & Social Strategy, Who What Wear

One Christmas a couple years ago, I was bound and determined to hunt down the perfect sparkly red sweater to wear to the holiday party my roommate and I host every year. I ended up finding one at a vintage store in the East Village; it didn't fit me perfectly and the quality was actually pretty poor, but I wanted one really bad and it was the only decent one I could find. I wore it proudly with a black pencil skirt, a belt at the waist, and heels. But in retrospect… perhaps not the best decision!" –Meghan Blalock, Managing Editor, Who What Wear

“A few years ago, I showed up completely overdressed to my then-boyfriend’s company holiday party. He worked in a very casual startup environment, and at the party, most wives and girlfriends wore informal blouses paired with skirts or jeans in subdued colors. Meanwhile, I showed up in a festive red dress, sparkly earrings, heels, hair blown out—the works. Now whenever I’m attending an office soiree that’s not my own, I inquire about the dress code first!" —Tiffany Tse, Deputy Editor, Clique Media 

“My holiday style mistake? Living in oversized sweaters. Since I've moved to L.A., I've turned into such a baby about the cold weather so when I go home to Kansas, all I tend to reach for are my oversized (and coziest) sweaters. Looking back at photos taken over the holidays, I look pretty frumpy in every picture because I'm wrapped up in an ill-fitting sweater. This year I plan to reach for flattering ways to layer for the cold weather.” —Michelle Scanga, Associate Editor, Who What Wear

What holiday style mistakes are you guilty of? Tell us in the comments!

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