5 Festive Outfit Formulas for Every Type of Holiday Party

The most wonderful time of the year is also a stressful time, sartorially speaking… Holiday party outfits require a lot of outfit planning. One of the most important things to keep in mind: A look that may work at one holiday party might not work at another. For instance, the outfit you’d wear to a gift exchange at a cocktail bar with girlfriends is probably not what you’d wear to a holiday dinner with your S.O.’s family. And that’s where we come in… In the name of helping you look stylish and appropriate, we’ve rounded up an outfit idea for almost every type of holiday party.

And in the interest in helping save you even more time (that—let’s be real—you probably don’t have a surplus of right now), we also went ahead and offered up winning gift ideas for each. Because while people might not remember exactly what you wore six months from now, they’ll definitely remember the thoughtful gift you got them.

Keep scrolling for the ultimate guide on what to wear (and what to give) for every holiday occasion you’ll be attending this season.

The Office Party  

At office holiday parties, you want your look to be festive but still a bit demure. (After all, your company’s dress code still applies.) This top strikes the perfect balance, thanks to its cranberry-red hue, lace applique, and of-the-moment bell sleeves.

These party crackers, at a white elephant–appropriate $25 price point, have a cute woodland creatures theme and make for a fun party activity. Bonus: There are even more gifts inside; just don’t get the glitter all over your boss’s desk!

The Get-Together With Girlfriends  

Any time you step out with your girlfriends, you want to feel feminine and sophisticated. This  cropped tank in on-trend pink velvet is playful and perfect for a night of cocktails, inside jokes, and exchanging Secret Santa gifts.

This fun smartphone case creates on-point selfie lighting, so it’s the perfect gift for that friend who’s always on Instagram. Plus, it’ll give your girlfriends one more reason to document the night through pictures.

Dinner With Your S.O.’s Family

Whether it’s your first time meeting them or you’re practically part of the family, a holiday dinner with your S.O.’s parents always calls for a put-together ensemble. These boots are sophisticated and fashion forward without going over the top.  

Even though they probably insisted that you didn’t need to bring anything, it’s always a nice gesture to come bearing a little something sweet. Peppermint- and chocolate-covered rice crispy treats? Yes, please.

Gift-Giving With Your S.O.

Exchanging gifts with your S.O. is always a romantic way to celebrate the holidays, and the ’90s silhouette of this stylish crushed-lace dress will make you feel feminine and cozy for the occasion.   

Fun and flirty, this mistletoe ball is the perfect gift for someone you haven’t been dating too long, or you can tack it on to a larger present for someone you’ve been with for a while. Either way, it’s sure to be a hit.

Going Home for the Holidays

Nothing is more comforting than going home for the holidays, and this big cozy bomber jacket is perfect for snuggling up in and for wearing for neighborhood strolls with mom and dad. We love this classic version with a quilted lining.

Parents don’t want anything fancy for the holidays, but they do want to spend time with you. This DIY snow globe kit is something you can all do together, and we’re sure they’ll keep it on their mantle for years.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten for the holidays? Tell us in the comments below.

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