How to Master Hipster Style in 5 Easy Steps


Collage Vintage

Say what you will about hipster style, but the too-cool-for-school approach to dressing—mastered and perpetuated by those who call themselves "hipsters"—has had a pretty massive impact on street style, pop culture, and the world of fashion at large. Those who eschew anything considered too "mainstream," from the coffee they drink to the clothes they wear, have initiated a style that's all their own—and fashion is taking note. Everything from purposely distressed clothing to statement sweatshirts and Birkenstocks (pieces once exclusively worn by hipsters) has made its way into the chicest of circles.

Considering this, we think there are certain elements of hipster style that when pulled off correctly, add up to a high level of taste. Distressed jeans are a fashion girl's go-to for laid-back style—especially those featuring frayed hems, light rips, or full-on blown-out knees. As far as shoes go, tough motorcycle-inspired boots lend an edgy vibe to the hipster wardrobe, making just about any outfit look cool. The hipster print of choice? Plaid. If you choose only one aspect of hipster style to copy, this should be it. Incorporate the cozy print into everything from blouses to skirts. When it comes to accessories, the hipster-approved pieces we love exude the effortless style this crowd is known for: cozy, oversize scarves and throwback wayfarer sunglasses.

Scroll down for five easy ways to master the trending hipster style.

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