Hilary Duff's #TBT Outfit Is 2000s Fashion in a Nutshell

Cue the nostalgia. Hilary Duff just posted the ultimate throwback photo on Instagram that takes us back to the 2000s (and the actress's iconic Lizzie Mcguire days.) Who can ever really forget those oftentimes over-the-top and snazzy outfits of the early aughts? We surely can't, but in case you did, Duff's #TBT will take you straight back to those times.

In the photo, Duff is wearing what can only be described as 2000s fashion in a nutshell—a Lisa Frank–esque handbag, bright-colored pants, an embroidered jean jacket, platform sandals, and a choker. Oh, and how about that crimped hair?

The cherry on top of this nostalgia-inducing throwback is, of course, Duff's hilarious caption. "Holy (insert avocado emoji). I survived this pink nightmare," she wrote. Yes, you did, Hilary. Now, read on to see the hilarious (and nostalgic) gram for yourself below.

Opening Image: Christopher Peterson/Splash News