Heidi Klum's Best Halloween Costumes Through the Years

One of our favorite things about Halloween (besides being able to dress up as something or someone else for a day) is seeing the costumes of some of our favorite celebs. While many take to Instagram to reveal their getups on October 31, it's the day after (November 1) when we are typically able to uncover all the hilarious, scary, or downright over-the-top outfits celebrities rocked on spooky holiday. But one of the most highly-anticipated reveals? Queen of Halloween (and supermodel) Heidi Klum's Halloween costumes, which seem to get more and more creative (not to mention elaborate) every year.

Her Halloween gear, however, is not something that comes together in a few short days, but rather, it takes months of prep time. Klum revealed to HollywoodLife.com that she actually begins "building" her costume in the summertime, a good four-plus months before the holiday. And while Klum has never unveiled her latest costume ahead of her annual Halloween bash, she does offer sneak peeks on her Instagram, which can start appearing as early as September.

In honor of the impending fall holiday (and because we're clearly obsessed with Klum's craft and creativity), we thought we'd take a trip down Heidi Klum Halloween memory lane to highlight 15 of her most over-the-top costumes, dating back to 2000, which marked her inaugural Halloween bash. Ready to be amazed? Then read on for the absolute best Heidi Klum Halloween costumes to date.