Move Over, Furry Pom-Pom—This Is the New Bag Accessory to Own

Peruse any street style blog a couple of years ago—nay—a year ago, and it’d be near impossible to not come across purse photos with pom-pom keychains dangling cheerfully below. You know the ones: brightly colored, cute, sometimes in the form of an animal. We’re not staging a coup against this friendly accessory, however, we think it’s high time to see what else is out there in lieu of bag add-ons.

Enter the bag strap. Interchangeable, reversible, and an all-around statement maker; this simple piece is our official pick for the bag accessory of 2016. Want to join us? See below for our of-the-moment picks, and be sure to tell us what bag you’ll be clipping it onto in the comments.