Grunge Fashion Just Keeps Coming Back—Here's How to Do It Now

Grunge fashion has had some real champions over the past few years, not least of which designer is Hedi Slimane, who dedicated his A/W 13 Saint Laurent collection to the trend. But while the widespread popularity of grunge has gone up and down since its birth in the '90s, the truth is that it never really goes entirely out of favour.

The fashion crowd still loves leather jackets, plaid shirts and gothy dresses just as much as ever. For those of us who caught the tail end of it the first time around, here's a reminder as to why it's so incredible: It requires minimal effort for a maximum effect. It's the ultimate way to look good and laid-back but takes very little time to achieve. Hey, anything to give us a few extra hours in bed, right?

So how to do it now? Well, you don't need to look any further than the most trailblazing, old-school grunge icons. Whether that's Kate Moss and Johnny Depp (who together made for the perfectly polished-grunge duo), Winona Ryder, or Drew Barrymore, there are plenty of '90s stars whose style remains a source of many an outfit. Keep scrolling to click through our gallery of the ultimate items you need for a grunge fashion wardrobe and where to shop similar pieces now.


#1: The Oversize Leather Jacket
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Style Notes: If there is one item that truly makes a grunge outfit, it's the leather jacket. Perfectly modelled by Drew Barrymore, this is all about going XXL and pairing it with classic jeans and a white T-shirt.


#2: The Lived-In White T-Shirt
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Style Notes: No, this isn't about having the perfectly grungy-looking boyfriend, but rather an ode to the ideal white T-shirt that would help to pare back a too-feminine maxi skirt, which is what Kate Moss did here.


#3: The Plaid Shirt
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Style Notes: While Angela Chase might have been fictional (shout-out to all the My So-Called Life fans), she wore all the classic grunge looks. And it was her dedication to the plaid shirt that we admired the most.


#4: Converse
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Style Notes: One of the most popular items of footwear for the grunge fashion fanatic has got to be a pair of Converse. Pair with a maxi skirt, ripped jeans, or a velvet dress à la Liv Tyler.


#5: The Dark Floral Dress
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Style Notes: During the '90s, where there was Winona Ryder, there was grunge fashion. While there were many (many) images we could have chosen from Wino's classic sartorial repertoire, we went with this black floral dress.


#6: The Shabby-Chic Cardigan or Coat
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Style Notes: The trick to looking seriously grunge was draping an oversize coat or cardigan over a pretty gown, as exhibited beautifully here by Gwen Stefani. 


#7: Rounded Sunglasses
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Style Notes: Kurt Cobain, the king of grunge, wore these red sunglasses in 1993, and they're coming back in a big way


#8: Witchy Dresses
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Style Notes: Think The Craft and early Buffy the Vampire Slayer with this look. The idea is to go for a slightly witchy vibe, and if you have dark hair and a plum lip colour, even better.


#9: Bovver Boots
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Style Notes: Another must for the grunge wardrobe is a pair of chunky, flat black boots. Shirley Manson of Garbage will always be our go-to inspiration for this look.

Elinor Block