I'm a Gen Zer and My Boss Is a Millennial—We Agree on These 6 Summer Trends

Despite the fact that me and our Editor in Chief Kat Collings fall into different generations, I am constantly taking notes from her relaxed yet chic style. Gen Z and Millennials are often poised as opposing contenders in fashion, but I have to disagree with that notion, as there are a lot of trends we have an equal interest in. Since I'm always looking to Collings for outfit inspiration anyways, I decided to chat her up and see what 2022 summer trends we both are excited for. There were a few that didn't make the cut (low-rise pants and fashion, to name a few), but we were able to agree on six that we're incorporating into our wardrobes this season. 

While we may be apart in age, our sartorial interests are aligned more than the media portrays our age groups to be. Scroll on to see what trends both of us are tapping into this season, plus the best finds to shop for each.

Punchy Colors



No matter your age, saturated shades should be in your wardrobe this season. Even if you're not one that wears many colors, opt for one item in punchy to be the statement piece of your look and keep everything else neutral.



While everyone's talking about the micro miniskirt, we're on board with the opposing option: the maxi. It's more accessible than its mini counterpart, but it comes with just as many styling options.




Surprisingly, we didn't think crochet would have as much of a strong comeback as it has in the past month. From pared-back crocket to multicolor options, we're obsessed.

Relaxed Trousers



Since 2020, consumers have completely shifted their priority towards comfort. We still have a place in our heart for tailoring and skinny jeans but ultimately, relaxed pants reign supreme for now and the foreseeable future.



The "coastal grandma" aesthetic has blown up on TikTok, and we're on board. Who doesn't want to look like they spend their weekends by the shore at their very own beach house? Maybe dressing like it will manifest that for us.

Oversize Shirting



Like I said, comfort is a priority, and that goes for shirting. Whether you opt for a bright hue or classic stripes, this is a piece that'll get a lot of wear this summer.