3 Pieces You Should Invest in for 2020, According to Ganni's Creative Director


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Ganni is the dream brand that's at once cool, trailblazing, and sellable. Some brands are good at nailing an enviable aesthetic, pushing boundaries, or creating items at prices people can afford, but not every company can fuse all three into one brand as Ganni can. This season, the popular Danish label continued its quest for global domination with a standout S/S 20 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Ironically, it was especially fun because of the one thing every outdoor event planner dreads: pouring rain. The rain-filled dance party finale happened to be extremely on brand for Ganni. In my pre-show interview with Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup, she told me that Ganni girls are independent, capable of anything, and comfortable in their own skin—so it's really no surprise that they'd be up for dancing outside during a downpour.

I also took the opportunity to ask Reffstrup about the S/S 20 pieces she's most excited about, and I definitely share her enthusiasm for this trio of trends. Scroll down for her answers and be sure to take notes—there's no one I'd trust more when it comes to style advice.

Tops and Dresses With Unexpected Ruching

"There are some playful piercing-like pin details in unexpected places throughout the collection," Reffstrup told Who What Wear. "They create a ruched effect on the chest of knitwear or on the hip of a dress, which feels new and exciting."


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(Image credit: Ganni)


(Image credit: Ganni)

Long Shorts

"The piece I'm getting the most excited about to wear for S/S 20 is the long shorts," she told me. "I love them all, but there's an amazing faux-snake sequin pair—they are bold, but the boyish tailored shape looks great with more feminine silhouettes."


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(Image credit: Ganni)

Linen Suiting

"I love the linen tailoring; it has a real '70s vibe," Reffstrup said. "The jackets are super versatile so you can wear open or closed in all different ways."


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(Image credit: Ganni)

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This press trip was paid for by Copenhagen Fashion Week. Editor's opinions are her own.

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