The Chicest French Jewellery Brand You've Never Heard Of

You know we have a bit of a thing about French-girl style. We've dedicated many an hour (or 10) to analysing their outfits and working out their fashion secrets, the new brands they love, as well as discovering how they like to shop places like Zara (they have some incredible tricks, trust us on this). This means that when we get wind of an exciting French brand that is going to get us closer to the goal of looking totally chic, you know we're going to have to share it.

The French label in question is a minimal jewellery line by Louise Damas. If you think you recognise her name, that's because she's the sister of current French It girl Jeanne Damas, who is the founder of fashion line Rouje. Basically, she couldn't be any cooler if she tried. But it's the designs that have really caught our eye. The minimal necklaces with dainty pendants are perfect for layering, and then there are equally pretty rings that are ideal for everyday wear. 

And that's not all. The brand is utterly affordable with prices starting at £60, which is even better news. But don't just take our word for it. Keep scrolling for a look at some of our favourite pieces and shop the collection now.

Elinor Block