Fall Outfit Formulas From Our Favorite French It Girls

With its many layers and bountiful shoe possibilities, fall dressing provides endless opportunities to test our style chops. And though there are many avenues from which to draw new ideas for reworking our wardrobes, we never tire of getting our style inspiration from the women who do it best.

Mastering the art of French-girl style is pretty much a persistent pursuit, especially as the leaves turn and weather cools to a temperature made for browsing vintage books along the Seine or leisurely sipping Noisettes at Café de Flore. And while we can't necessarily be in Paris, our hearts can, and we can still do our best to channel that unparalleled style and je ne sais quois.

So for all the autumn outfit inspiration you'll ever need, look no further than the Instagram feeds of our favorite French It girls.

See our favorite French girl outfit formulas below!