Everyone Asks Me Where I Got This Dress (It's From Gap)

Sometimes you see a piece of clothing and you just think This was made for me. That's the way I felt last month when I was perusing an email highlighting the upcoming spring collection from Gap. As an editor, it's not unusual to get 10 or 15 of these emails a day, but while I normally do a quick scan and move on, a certain dress gave me pause.

The first thing that caught my attention: the zany quilt print. It was reminiscent of the colorful feedsack quilts of the early 1900s (okay, it's not a nostalgia for quilts made out of flower and sugar sacks that sold me, but I love me a little history). It was modest enough to wear to work, but had enough personality to fly at a wedding or picnic. Plus, I'm all for pieces that can be transformed by what you style them with. Worn with sneakers and a straw bag, I had an easy weekend look, but I have heels and hoops I could just as easily wear it with to dress it up.

Clearly, after a month of daydreaming over all the ways I'd wear this funky little number, it arrived. And from the first wear, I knew I wasn't the only one who had fallen hard for this springy dress. After posting on my Instagram, I was flooded with comments asking where it was from, and I know a few friends who ended up following suit and buying it for themselves. With a price tag under $100, it's refreshingly budget-friendly option, but it still looks luxe—nice work, Gap. So there you have it, if you've been on the hunt for the perfect warm-weather dress, this might just be the one. Shop it below, along with a few similar styles (just in case).